Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harry Hill's Soap bUrPz! and RMN's COPZ (with a Z)

Today in the news Tony Blair has been arrested for illegally feeding a pigeon
to a wild lion.

Also in the news SPAM master John Smith has knighted himself a new email address, due to the fact his other address kept getting spam.
He said, "This new email will be known by no one."
Our reply to that is, "Then what is the point of it?"

John Smith HAS gone ahead and created his own Email checking Windows and Mac program. ONLY spammers like himself can email to it.
Want to find out about it?
In an interview he said, "It runs well on internet explorer." This comment didnt go down very well.
After RM found out Nathan Viney was still alive they became very depressed, they then decided that they'd continue it till he accidently dies anyway.
Nathan convinced them to add his friend John Smith into their latest title sequence.

RMN are thinking of changing their name too
Reconciling Ministries Network
This is still being concidered.
I'm alright, i'm out of the shaft now, have been away a few days, finally got out, told RMN i was still alive showed them a terrible sketch i'd done and then went to Mc Donalds for a mound of greese.

(Click on it for bigger image)
The tramp, who called himself Alfred Dirt leant me the box for cover in the rain. Its unlikely he has internet but i'd like to thank him anyway.

Now if you watch soaps, which you most likely dont. But i know Mr. P does, you'll like our baldf man with glasses. Harry Hill.
the bill

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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