Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Daily Crumb's unofficial review of Brackensack.

Today in the news someone lost their arm in a childrens magic pencil box.
Also in the news an eighties style hat was found floating down a long river in Cornwall, it's being burnt at the moment by a group of people that hated the Eighties and religiously believe anything left of the past will bring it back.

TODAY, the First of February Adam Phillips (Codename: Chluaid/ Mr. P) released with companion and smartest man in the world. Brackensack, the flash game.
The game can be found on Mr. P's home website here
It is still titled BETA, so it may possibly still be in earlier stages but otherwise that it's out! The Daily Crumb reporters broke into Daniel (Vector) Kerr's home today to ask him a few questions.
"Do you admit to selling bits of your brain, not only on the street but across the ebay network?"
Daniel: "Yes... you were one of the buyers."
"... *cough* Thats RIGHT! But only.. on the ... on the umm... because... of the investigation into............... your... mind...."
Daniel: "No you said..."
"Is it true Tony Blair was on the list of buyers as well."
Daniel: "Yes, that's true, he was there... buying. I remember he added me to msn, played me some guitar. When i said i'd send the brains as fast i could he replied, 'Yummy'..."
(FACT: Adam Phillips owns a shoe which he tried to drown, this was successful. The shoe was motionless afterwards)
Daniel: "You're so cool crumb."


The Brackensack game includes too amazingly well known characters.
(Bitey of Brackenwood)
(Prowlies at the river)
(Little foot)
and (Yu Yu)
and the FATSACK. The fun loving bag of liquid who is seen in
(Bitey of Brackenwood)
(Prowlies at the River)
and (Little Foot)

In the game the rule is to bounce the fatsack off of your (Bitey's) head as much as you can without dropping it. But if you REALLY want to get the high scores by pressing down (Space Bar) You are able to give the character enough energy to fire that helpless sack of liquid through space and time. With the speed of bitey + plus the sliding features your sack will be bouncing off of the trees like a game of pinball. A true aim is to get the best quality possible, and if you like, get the top height, keep trying to beat your old score.
A simple game with amazing actionscript and fantastic animation, this game has made people ALL AROUND THE WORLD go INSANE.

Here is Nathan Viney, our monkey News reporter at the scene.

The Daily Crumb have ordered in many more of those amazing fatsack balloons if anyone was remotely interested.
Order them now from Biteycastle! (There's no looking back)

Thankyou for reading this special GOLDEN TRILOGY SPECIAL DELITE LIVE version of the Daily Crumb's Daily Blog.

- Nathan (munch) Viney of The Daily Crumb.


  1. thanks Mr. P :)
    Luckily when i was in the music shop Blur was playing! :d
    unluckily.. we were kiked out of that music shop ahhaha

  2. hehe, i swear how you move is like a bitey/human love child XD.

    funny shit.

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Haha cute.

  4. Anonymous1:46 PM

    lol, go Munch!!! (and anyone else who worked on that, sry i didn't put your name ^^;; )


  5. Turnip9:01 AM

    Oh dear god, weren't you arrested or something o_O

    Made my day!

  6. arrested for jumping :O where you live??