Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mobile phones: Poison

Today in the news Tony Blair announced he was a cannibal, he said "It seems, the worst has come. I was staring at a picture of my family and i suddenly felt like eating some ham."
More on this later...

*Star wars theme tune*
Nathan: "OH FlOOGE!"
*Missile fires towards him through sewer*
"Any news on the death of Nathan Viney?"
"Who told you about that?"
"You did."
"Got fish?"
Also in the news Reuben Speight and Matthew Menhenick from RMN are considering *After the disapearance of Nathan Viney* to change their name to either
RM productions
Radical Morph productions
Reuben productions
Regional Marketing
or possibly
Roof Magazine INC.
You decide
Mad Matt, in rememberence of RMN has drawn this picture.
"Any news?"
"You ever played chess before?"
"Sure thing."
"Good stuff."
BBC 6.00 news: "Nathan Viney died of a um.. food poisoning today!"
Nathan: Their excuse.. i hid in a different pipe line, missile shot right past me. I'm alive."
Tramp: "Why is my box on fire?"
- Nathan (munch) Viney

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