Monday, February 05, 2007

SPAM and a vegemite sammich.

Today in the news there is a new email going out called, the confirmation email. If you've just signed up to a forum/account on a website you may expect a confirmation email. DO NOT EXCEPT IT!

Its evil spam and has a virus in it.

We interviewed the genius behind this contraption, John Smith:


"Sorry, we cut out our question there."


We've been researching, it is said every second corner shop on this earth is a secret SPAM service gathering ground.Not just that, petrol stations say they close early for safety reasons. But the fact is exactly 60% of them are once again SPAM service gathering grounds and it's rising still today.

Looking very closely into it, they dont just take your email and personal details but also go to your house and take pieces of your family.There are about four people in the world leading this crime but with one man on the top.

Sir John SmithI think you know why he started this association. Johns original email was SPAM hit it like a rocket.

Just for revenge sake his new SECRET email is Just.. a wee bit of information to keep you all on track and alert.


For munchmedia, this is a working logo

Can anyone work out what this code means?
You can find it in Adam Phillips short, NINJA, to be found here.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

...and he said do you come from a land down under...

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