Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whirl Wind of the Well

Today in the news a mime was arrested for finger painting.
Also in the news someone named their toe nail, larry. More on that later

Nathan Viney released a new story today, his continous violent writing has had some complaints.
"must your stories always be so violent and full of pain??"
The Daily Crumb's Answer is

The new short story can be found here:
Whirl Wind of the Well

It's almost as wacky as YOKE but possibly a little bit less wacky.
NOW: I've decided to investigate all the stories i have written and see how much violence is really in them.

The Mash Island Chronicles , Half Side:
The story concists of violent battles, but is also mixed with lots of friendly, light hearted things. One minute everything is happy and jolly.. and FUN. and the next some crazy guys are dieing. Brutal deaths, ok, you win that one.
The Mash Island Chronicles, unfinished story (gone from internet)
I think the story was named, Cretans Crawling. The story was finally of wonderful colourfulness... AND violence. It concisted of helicopters crashing, trains crashing, people being thrown around, being shot by arrows...
James Dodger and the Crown Room
This story was full of violence
BUT, it was very LIGHT hearted violence i find. Simple deaths and less detail.So.. yeh this one is a bit slower.
ok.. yeh a helicopter brings down the big ben and a london museum is flooded.. SO WHAT :P
SCRIPTS: Celebs in my studio 1 2 and 3
These comedy scripts had NO VIOLENCE AT ALL. Practically.... yep, there is ALOT of shouting at eachother though. :P
James Dodger and the Rain Bug part 1 and 2
hmm, yep. Death out of aeroplane, people being shot, but most of the story is actually an investigation into a robbery. It, like Crown Room is a very fun story.
Cloafe and the Pirates
Well... i like it. The story is of a wannabe knight in Mash Island (Connecting up to Mash Island Chronicles and MUNCH) There is, like you say, a bit of violence yes. A young guy dies, and most of the pirates die. There is alot of strain. Ending dont make sense though.
Price, Archer
OK OK GO AWAY! Yes.. this is the most violent story ive ever written, i think.. people dieing, being shot, in the brain and being set on fire. It's lovely really.
To conclude your point ill just let you know EVERYONE DIES at the end :)
Old woman, cant breath. .. .. you win again
Whirl Wind of the Well
Drunk guy, bleeding eye. not TOO much! Seriously, its very light hearted compared to my others. hee hee watch out for that kid with the fizzy coke by the way.

So thats it.
The only story ive ever written that dosent have violence is the Celebs in My Studio trilogy.
You win this battle, but i like writing twisted violent things so, nyah nyah!
And in other news hitler was seen venturing in a Disney shop.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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