Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The wotsits of society

In the news today a man with a spade saw an alien sighting. The man with a spade complained that the news team interviewing him said 'spade' when he "claimed" he was holding a shovel not a spade like he was really holding.


Well the new website was released so, The Daily Crumb came out of the blue and and reviewed every short flash animation on the website.

Here are our reviews:

Doctor Who Extremely Short Short which can be found here
"What rubbish." - The Daily Crumb

The First Autumn leaf which can be found here
Daily Crumbs review: "Its a terrible, criminal, murderous shame the
sound is not what it should be. Because of that aspect we hate this

Lukai and his castle, which can be found here
Daily Crumbs review: "It was terrible, we cant imagine anything worse."

Blocks, which can be found here
"Theres no way to describe how bad this is" - The Daily Crumb.

Jerome, Ninja Dog can be found here
"Rubbish" - The Daily Crumb

Peanuts tribute which can be found here
"Charles would turn in his grave" - The Daily Crumb

The Train was next and can be found here
"Its amazing what people think of, stuff like this that we'd rather NOT see!" - The Daily Crumb

And last, Prowlies here
"The worst animated cartoon on earth. It's make AdamPhillips turn in his grave, if he was dead. And if he was it'd be this movie that had killed him." The Daily Crumb.

Terrible news now for all those who own or use Gtalk or Gmail, anything Googly, http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=145&ContentID=17608

And now for something, completely different

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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