Thursday, January 18, 2007

George Bush, mentally challenged has GONE MISSING!

Today in the news the news hasent occured yet. But coming up next, a news report on the importance of crime in our daily lives.

Also in slightly less important news George Bush has gone missing.

Tony Blair and John Howard, priminister's of the UK and Australia agreed in having a toast over the missing American president.

JUST IN! The long running brain damaged USA President has returned to his position. George Bush was happy to inform he'd just had a late night out drinking with some TEXAS folk.
Georges fellow followers responded in weak happiness.

Look at that weak smile and embarrassed hand motion.

Tony Blair and John Howard made a joint speech: "We missed him this much."

"Didnt we Johnny?"

George Bush: "I'm fine with it, im quite confident that i was wrong to drink on my shift. But when does my shift stop? Aint there a day i can just stop being president and have a pint?"


Also in the news hitler was seen in a local Disney Shop. George Bush was happy to inform they were class mates and both had a "Disney Club" sticker.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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