Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nintendos new game

Today in the news a man with a stick conducted an orchestra. The stick has been confiscated.

Also in the news:

The Daily Crumb has reviewed a flash animation on the Interweb. You can’t see it here, but if you glare closely at the button you may find it. here

Also in the news Nintendo have just released another hopeless game.
Super Mario Slush Puppy Brush Bucket
Buy it now! Check it out here


“He’s got a fly between his ears.”
“I know, I put it there.”
“Hi guys, geez, I have a frog in my throat today.”
*cough, ahem*


“How wonderful is this jazz music?”

“No words?”

“No, these don’t normally have words.”

“What? Are they karaoke versions?”

“No… they’re just… what?”

“Oh I hear the singing now.”


“Yes, doo bee doo bee doo bee”

“That’s you…”

“It’s what?”

“That’s you singing you idiot.”

“It’s not me, I can’t sing like that.”

“You idiot.”

“It’s really quite amazing when you get into it.”

“You idiot.”

“Is the record stuck? It keeps repeating a bit.”

“Be quiet, you’re ruining the mood.”

“It does that does it?”


“Make people moody.”


“I guess that’s your problem, you’re too happy. Is that why you bought them?”


“They’re working.”


“I could talk all day steak-head man.”


“Hahah you swore, and it bleeped it out.”


“haha oh…. Brill man. This is amazing.”


“Hello, this is big brother.”


“Hahah, enough, I’m listening to some music.”


“Yeh… shut up now please.”


“Stop with the stars.”

“Oh ok…. Fine then.”


“Sorry.. I just like stars.”

“Where has this convo gone anyway?”


“It’s a good day to be jumping around in the sun isn’t it?”



“There aint much room in this car.”

“I know, it’s shrunk since I bought it.”



“Beat boxing, beat boxing, beat boxing, beat boxing.”

“What are you doing?”

“Beat boxing”


“Fed up of all of these random little things that make no sense and are written by the Daily Crumb, no worries now you have.

FART EXHAUST! Nothing beats a bowl of FART EXHAUST!”


Munch news:


- Nathan (munch) Viney

(How could you fall for that joke twice?)


One mans stuck up a tree, two cats looking down at he.
He sings, he’s frustrated, that’s a mushroom he has hated
The birds, they think smart as the man wishes for Exhaust Fart.
Nothing beats a bowl of Fart Exhaust!
You’re always being picky, what foods you think are tacky
And there’s never a fat food place to help you become fat
Watch where you’re stood, wear a hood, cause your foots gunna be blasted OOOOOFF!
Look a tractor! It ran over a scarecrow which was dead anywaaaaay
It might not have even been alive, but it looks like it had its head in a bee hive.
Nothing beats a bowl of Fart Exhaust!


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