Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fat people should play more video games

Today in the news production of chocolate Easter eggs has begun all over the world. At the same time its been found out that the Nintendo Wii actually helps people lose weight.

Nothing is fixed.


The Daily Crumb being sued is surely old news now, since the whole thing happened the Crumb has laid quite low in where it stands newsreporting wise. As you may have noticed we are keeping a little quieter on the new more important news. But not for long.

Sue, the lawyer was arrested today after being found with four truck loads of illegal drugs, heres our reporter. Tony Maloney.

"Today, the somethinth of the new year which has a seven in it a well known lawyer was found with a large ammount of drugs. Heres a local policemen from the scene"
"I.. what are you talking about? I havent been informed on this matter."
"The case of the truck full of drugs, what are you doing about this?"
"Umm.. if.. maybe i should ask another officer."
"Will you give her what she deserves?"
"I'm sorry?"
"No.. we meant... what punishment do you have in stall for her?"
"Hold on, are you the Daily Crumb?"

And thats the latest news from that scene.

Also today in a complete coincidence everyone else who wanted to sue the Daily Crumb have been arrested for the same reason as Sue.


On the subject of coincidences The Daily Crumbs "The Smartest Man in the World." Daniel (Vector) Kerr was seen handing out bits of his brain.

The police department spoke.

"This is unacceptable behaviour."
Thankyou, police department.

Daniel will be taken into court later this evening, as The Daily Crumb arent very 'liked' at the moment we will not be showing our support.

Last off in the news The Daily Crumb have gone into speculation about where Tony Blair will be when he is shifted from his current position as PM.
90% of workers say The Bill

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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