Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today in the news the Duracell bunny was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. It wasent that he'd lost energy or anything, he was just pushed by the Energizer battery.

This is a fact

Energizer lasts longer than Duracell

find it here


Not much to confirm today apart from the release of a BETA version of Adam Phillips first game, Brackensack which you can find on his forums at.

The game is fantastically animated and coded on flash but a more detailed review of it coming when the official version is released.

The coding on the game was done by the brillient Daniel (Vector) Kerr who you may know as THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD. His website address is http://www.vector.talkhost.info/

Vector also, a while back worked on munchmedias game TAP, Fight to the sausage... which is a bit of a easy game but at the time it was fun to make and Vector brought it to life for me :)

Thanks again for that Danny, i say thanks at least once every year.

So, stay tuned for a Brackensack review and link


- Nathan (munch) Viney
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