Friday, January 05, 2007

Well i liketh thy one young toad of fort Fallen, your Lord which is my Lord is finally calling....?

In the news today people are asking, what CURRENT is? People are becoming confused between current affairs and Blackcurrant berries. This is because, as Wikipedia says, they are both "palmately lobed with five lobes, with a serrated margin."


Yesterday i released a NEW STARGAZED COMIC
which took me all day.
Here is the comic
(Click on it for LARGER version)

Hope you like it and if you havent caught up with the long running series yet for some strange reason, check it out here


Both this one and another were storyboarded, after those two i will try and do one Tomothy and Pals comic and then continue on with MUNCHS WAR.
This is the plan for th next few days/week but dont get excited, im not very reliable.

Also whats great is.
Antiseal of Brackenwood (A fantastic musician) is producing one of my written (lyrics) songs.
Here is NIGHTFLOW so far

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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