Saturday, January 13, 2007

FACT: The word SPOOF was invented by Arthur Roberts, 1884

Today in the news America have created a Video burning day, where everyone in the country throws their videos into a town bonfire. This is saying, "We look forward to the future." (Meaning DVD's)
People are worried Video burning day wont last many years as they will have burnt all of the video's.

It has been sorted thousands more Video's are being made and sold just for this day, bringing some big companies back into buisness.


Isnt is true that, when you put the word "FACT" infront of something it automatically makes it true?
FACT: Putting the word FACT in front of something automatically makes it true.
This will only work if its in a convincing place.

But now, The Daily Crumb. What complete wasteless idiots we are have investigators searching so deep into the word FACT we've come out with
NOTHING. So we're gunna see how many times we say FACT in this passage below.

Anyway, like the crumb has said before we admire the FACT Lewis Carroll (The creator of Alice and Wonderland) created the word, CHORTLED. This is a FACT.
Fact is, not only did Mr. Carrol (FACT: Real name, Charles Dodgson) invent so many words, but so can you.
Fact: OXFORD Dictionaries say you can send in a word you've made up, whether it be hogjush or gubprok they will ACTUALLY CONCIDER putting it into their dictionaries.

Yes Folks, HOBBIT is now in the OXFORD Dictionary. FACT.
What the FACT?


"Your getting a bit FACT, might want to cut down on the jelly babies."


- Nathan (munch) Viney on an absolutely pointless blog entry that when absolutely pointlessly no where and that is a fact.

(17 Facts.)

Before we go A quote from Adam Phillips working on his next masterpiece
"I expect to get this done pretty quickly because the story has been done for years now. However, the water effects are full-blown frame-by-frame animation, the backgrounds are intricate and there is a lot of character animation too." Adam Phillips (Waterlollies)"

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