Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dust Particle or Ghoul?

Today in the news non-digital photography is coming back into light.
Also in the news Adam Phillips has started a new merchandise campaign

For Australia day, as we're Australians in a distant planet we celebrated by a get together and the setting off of fireworks.
I went out to take some random photos with my dodgy camera.
This is setting up the fireworks, my uncle seems to have a glowing.. smudged... orby thing next to him?
Some people asked whether it was the moon or something, there was NO moon at the time. I promise.
I must mentioned also someone was murdered near the area it was taken.
This is another photo, now it seems to be near the same guy again.
This is the only picture that makes me think...maybe, its not a dust particle *raises eyebrow*

other glimmer

Here is a page on some ghostly knowledge. I do believe in ghosts but when i saw this i thought it was a bit of nonsense... but dont they look similar? It is said they are only seen in haunted areas.
Where i was, was sure haunted.
- The Daily Crumb reporting

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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