Sunday, January 14, 2007

JUST-IN! Someone named Justin has suddenly gone missing.

Today in the news an ancient book was found written by a wonderer of the US undiscovered parts. It said in it
"Twas a cold day travelling today, me and five others are dieing of hunger and thirst. We have finally reached the undiscovered lands and we plan to name it 'Count Harrington' in faith to an older family member of ours."

Today the area was renamed NEW YORK 2 :D

George Bush was proud to say, "The area has been renamed due to popular demand, myself. I am proud to name the undiscovered island NOW DISCOVERED with a new name. That name is, New York 2, Revenge of the Sith, (George followed this with a giggle) It DOES sound a bit like a sequal dont it... it does. You have to admit, and that is why we named it that."

The Daily Crumb: "And why ignore the explorers, the title, Count Harrington?"

George: "I'm sure ive missed something here, im confident about that."


The Travellers are still alive today, this might have been why George Bush and the other Americans ignored their discovery.

Its true, nothing really happens until someones dead, so the explorers have agreed to die.

One of our reporters was arrested today for the murder of two explorers, more on that later.

JUST-IN! Someone named Justin has suddenly gone missing.


George Bush has declared the area be named 'Count Harringtons revenge'. He says its going to be the biggest theme park in the world.

He also says that 90% of the area will be used as Military bases and professionally 100% full funny kiddy rides and theme park adventure. This maths was not discussed before hand.

Two hours later George still stood by these percentages.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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