Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tommorows Today is Today's Yesterday

Today in the news i man went bullet time.

A Mission of Stone
Munch watched closely as the guards sniffed on their tissues. He noticed they'd lost a seconds concentration and needed to take his chance.
There was a sharp noise as a blade shot past one of them. The Guard stared around confused trying to work out what had happened. He stared down to find the master key was gone. Vanished from his side.
Munch spun into the air landing firmly onto the green vegetation. After looking back to see the guards reaction and continuing a song of giggle he hid in the nearby bushes.
The windows, too thin to simply climb through. And any movement surrounding the area would obviously be detected.
The moon was lit now, glowing upon the dark blue shades of an oncoming day. The opposite guard, not noted in the mission report pulled a weapon out, a gun. Munch was quite surprised now, leaping to his feet and grounching down by the giant stone wall.
The guard walked slowly along the earth, the stars mind blowing above him. There was silence.
Munch leant on a small stone, which sat in some soggy mud... his weight pushed it down causing it to slip forward. The guard spotted his prey and fired straight away catching Munch in the arm. Like a knife through bread the bullet ripped through his flesh. His body crashed backwards against the stone wall and he slipped down into the mud. Although he was injured now, he was out of the guards sight.Munch, with his strong arm pulled himself upwards and unzipped his backpack and grabbed out a pear of gloves. Each one had tiny specks of metal in them. Clamberock gloves, the ability to climb almost anything.
Munch placed them on his hands and soared up the side of the cold stone wall, leaping over the top.The guard at the front noticed the movement and called in for backup. This wasent very helpful.Munch disapeared in the darkness, now inside the buildings court yard.The guard pulled open the gate that he stood infront of and shouted at the top of his voice, "INTRUDER!"Munch suddenly stopped the guard in his path landing a centimetre from his toes. "Ello." He said, following the meaningful speech with punching the guard directly in the nose."I do apoligise, " Munch continued taking the weapon from the guards hand."HANDS UP!" shouted a voice from behind him.Munch turned around glaring at them..."Oh come on..."There were at least twenty men standing infront of him, "Put the weapon down."Blood was now pouring out of Munchs arm, this shruck a nerve. "Ok ok!" In a split second Munch fired the gun and the man at the front was dead. The gaurd, getting up from the punch stood behind Munch. He luckily still had another gun, in a split second he fired the gun whilst aiming at Munch's head.
Munch was gone when the bullet shot forward, it soared onwards until it splattered into one of the other men's stomach ripping open the insides that would once have stayed compact.With two gunshots the whole groups nerves had errupted and in minutes they'd killed their on Guard.Munch walked around inside the building staring at the giant stone walls that stand tall around him. "Umm.... Did the mission say anything else...."Munch got out a piece of paper from his backpack and read it, "You need to get into a building but it is guarded closely by a guard...." done... something about a key.. which ive got, and used to open the building aaand... You need to gain access to this building for the quest to move on... Looks like thats all i needed to do.
"Munch walked over to a gloomly area where four red chairs stood. He then relaxed when sitting himself down on one.He then heard the angry mob coming towards the echoeing room. "Time for some more fun."He grinned.
- Nathan (munch) Viney

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