Thursday, January 11, 2007

News Reporter of the Daily Crumb, gone missing in a glass of water.

In the news today Scientists at the head of the UK have classed Oxygen as an illegal drug and are beginning to get rid of it.

Just in! The Scientists are dead.. and so are many other people.

As the Crumb are terribly close friends with Mr. Tony Blair himself we gave him a little interview.

"So Mr. Blair. What have you to say on the matter?"

"I knew you'd do this, i'm told im having an interview, i sit here shaking my toes off because im worried you wont even tell me what the interviews about. Then i finally go and convince myself your going to tell me what its about and ill be fine in the end and now you come OUT AND... I NEED A GLASS OF WATER!"

(Service man collects refreshment for the pm)

"So, the matter of people dieing Mr. Blair!"

"Oh... well, we're trying to stop that of course. Its probably well known anyway. For all who dont know, we are collecting Bums off of the street (homeless people) and freazing them in our cellers, burning them and then freazing them to see if they live. Thats how we are dealing with the problem. Freazing."



Also, as the headline says (read more on page #)

One of the reporters has gone missing in a glass of water.
He set for work in the morning singing, "London Loves" by Blur and tripped up on a possible "ROCK".

The Police are searching the CCTV and finding if there were any witness'.
He collapsed forward into a glass of water.
It was a terrible sight.

His body fell down through the bubbles and disapeared into thin air.

His wife specifically asked that the BRITISH SCIENTISTS corp had NOTHING to do with it after the Oxygen issue.


Tony Blair on Deviant Art
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