Wednesday, January 24, 2007

*musical tune*

Today in the news a toe nail was voted best cricket player. He was not british.

As of today The Daily Crumb are personally investigating the incident of Tony Blair and the piano.
Some documents we found from Tony's school days.
[ Dear Parents of student
Tony Blair, your son has been causing alot of problems in both class and in the playground. He has been making sounds like a plane. Nyuuuuawwl Nyuuuuuawwwl.
In music class he attacked the music teacher and struck her with a pencil case. She was recently sent to hospital, this is out of order and the responsibility always comes back to you, the parents.
Today was the last straw, your son pulled out ever key from the schools piano, pushed it along the floor (it has wheels) and crushed a pair of students up against the war.
Now i dont want to seem like a worry wort or a mean teacher or guardian but YOU NEED TO SORT YOUR CHILD OUT! i have no idea what on earth that child will be when he's older. Stop his madness before he rubs his face in fart exhaust. ]
"Ah here we go, the Daily Crumb again."
"I have to, cause people read it."
"I dont know. There must be something wrong with them."
OO Fart Exhaust! The superest hero in the whole of this world like, oo Fart Exhaust, he's got your shoes and hes not gunna give them back, OH fart exhaust! He'll step on your feet and the chop em off! OO Fart Exhaust, its one, not two but six forks in your feet.. EXHAUST! He smells but that aint important, cause ya dead! By Fart Exhaust! Theres now way out of it because your nailed to a waaaaall!
"A chinese please."
"Get out!"

Munch news:
I'm not sure whether i already said this but my computer has arrived but the only way i cna use it is if i get a flat screen monitor, which i plan to do, then i can continue animating, play sims 2 and get on with my fantastic life! :D

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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