Saturday, December 30, 2006

Whats on ebay? & website production

In the news today dvds are being taken over by Cabrey chocolate bars.

Whats on EBAY?

Vanilla Coke :)

find it here

It may interest you why i was looking up Vanilla Coke on ebay... THIS IS WHY

What has Vanilla coke done to deserve this?
Maybe many people think its discusting, wow, im very interested in your oppinion BURT is a good man.. BUT a few years ago, Easter Day in Australia i got five chocolate eggs and a Vanilla Coke. I was so happy.
So, this is defnatly a personal issue, very close to home. Close to the heart, close to my teeth rotting away. They want it! They want to rot away! NOW!

They also have pot noodles, one shoelace and even toothpaste!
But what i thought was fantastic was

find it here

Its really quite amazing how many problems ive come across along the walk of producing this website.
First i sat in Australia as boxes were carried past me and the desk i sat at was slowly disapearing before my eyes i designed the new website. It took we three weeks to work out what javascript was!!! and i only put my website onto a flash drive on the second last day when the computer disapeared for good (Havent seen it since) along with most of my other things.
Once reaching England i realised my website would be destroyed (But its not, its still there, "" but cannot be uploaded)

As my college year went on i kept doing projects i could add to the site, and i did. But what i need was a host, and hoping to get one from my upcoming internet connection ORANGE. And i did, but ORANGES are messy so that all stuffed up.
THEN Finally i bought myself my own server and now i have the website up and running, apart from some links, which is the latest problem.
Until the problem is fixed not even The Crumb will be able to see it :P

I am hoping it will be soon though, i just need SOME HELP!.. stupid new version of firefox... D:

au revoir!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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