Monday, December 11, 2006

munchs war set built

Today in the news
Taken by suprise today Lord Malcolm from a mythical country that dosen't actually exist has declared war on all that is american. This includes hot dogs.

Also in the news a man with a guitar was found busking for money by a music shop, he's recently been hired.

Porridge has been declared stale at the custard factory, on this cold, wet raining day whos to say what will happen next? People are saying this is the apocalypse no one expected. In honour of the traditional apocalypse, the stale porridge is being fired at the earth in the shape of an asteroid.
Good luck on that topic.

See you next time, when we personally enter a cave made of rocks and amazingly shake a can of coke.

I bought the Pogues greatest hits, fab and got The Chasers War on Everything volume 1, genius.

Munchs WAR flash set has been drawn nicely, the intro is storyboarded.
Now animate that, draw the rest of the sets and start getting the voices recorded.


- Nathan (munch) viney

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