Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snap, Grabble and Slop (The Basil Brush FACTOR)

In the news today the last ever pirate with an eyepatch was arrested for being a pirate. The police are questioning him now and have taken his boat in for extermination.
He said live to the media
"Arr, i be the last ever pirate to actually say Arr, aint i be?"
We responded in saying

Celebrating something many episodes of the Weakest Link Basil Brush participated and came second, that's right, second the little fox!

Basil Brush has also appeared in his own television show and worked with French and Saunders on about two occasions. This fox is BIG. I have been lucky enough to watch him live :)

Basil Brush on "The Basil Brush Show"

Basil Brush as DOBBY from Harry Potter as a 2003 comic relief with French and Saunders.

The original fox

The original fox was voiced by
Ivan Owen but after he died he was later on replaced with a fantastic new puppeteer.... but who?
Whats so interesting about Basil? He's got the mind of a modern comedian and the puppeteers identity is not known to many outside of the bbc.
After doing some deep research the only name that has come up is of
Michael Winsor which seems there is no information of on the net, (Impossible? :O)
Basil: Himself
Basils Personal Assistant/ Basils fitness instructor: Mike Winsor

Basil Brush:
Find out about the original Basil, and hear and watch recordings of the shows here

or go to the great modern site
where the fox has his own blog :D
Basil sung in the audience of Peter Kay's entry to the relief

and THANKS TO THE BBC for sending me this picture from Basil's Fame Academy

(click for larger image)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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  1. but not only did basil come second , he did WIN , yes WIN a panto edition of the weakest link beating chris biggins in the final