Friday, December 22, 2006

Cloafe, Yu and Soap

Bortle Berry Bortacus Blout Bear your Bottom so we can all shout!
In the news today Bortle Berry Bortacus Blout was arrested for public nudity.

Today i released a very short and pointless story, here is our review on it:
- Reviews:
The Daily Crumb: There’s nothing in it for me, it’s a terribly pointless read and we hate it.

Cloafe and the pirates

I was originally going to use this picture

But decided against it going with this plain piece of Apple Mac.

Click on one of the images to view the story on Deviant Art

Daily Crumb reviews:

The Yu Yu by Adam Phillips/ Brackenwood Entertainment:
First sight at watching this, my stomach fell, my eyes started to water and my head became some sort of magnet, being pulled towards the screen. The music, that music, my ears started doing the beat, twitching and trying to twirl. My bones were cracking inside, reflexs caused my arm to fly sideways and hit a glass of water which fell off of the desk and landed on the carpet. It then frantically rolled across the hall and started for the stairs, falling and falling on each step until it had reached the last one.
Where it touched the tiles, smashing into thousands of tiny pieces of glass. One hitting the door at a frightening speed causing it to open suddenly hitting a giant wooden bookshelf over, it fell into a weak banister breaking right through it causing the ceiling to fall in, including me and my room. When my room fell in the computer connection was lost, i just fell, collapsing on the floor downstairs as the ceiling followed, i became crushed under a giant bed, lucky i'd lived. But after that all became quiet.
The connection had gone.
But i swore i saw bitey drinking some milk in the kitchen....

5/5 stars.

You can find the Yu Yu here if for some mad reason you havent already


Woman becomes crazy, another woman becomes crazy or maybe she's just evil. lady cheats on husband, husband cheats on lady, bar woman dates ex mafia dude, ex mafia dude has a heart attack because of bar womens brother who is evil. Evil brother goes out with female species who locks herself in a room and pretends evil brother did it to her. Whilst the first crazy women just locks herself in a room because she dosent want to see her family anymore who are all cheating on each other. Ex mafia dudes sister and her step son comes to town and they then go out with eachother which causes the bar women to become suddenly pregnant with ex mafia dudes baby but ex mafia dude dosen't want to contribute to the relationship because he's dead.

Tune in next time for
Eastenation S'teet

here are some real examples of what i mean:

Stacey gets over her split from Bradley by turning her attention to his dad. Pauline fights with Martin.
This unlikely liaison began after a few drinks in the Vic. Michelle became pregnant with Grant's baby, but she fled to the USA without telling him.
Carol Jackson was pregnant with her lover Dan Sullivan's child. When she discovered that he was seeing her daughter Bianca behind her back
Michelle learns Violet is carrying a secret that could change her life forever. Tracy continues her plan for revenge on Charlie with Claire as an unwitting accomplice.

On the websites they actually seperate the episodes with:
Love, Trauma, Deaths, Fights, Marriages (Which normally end in Love, Trauma, Deaths and fights and practically no marriage.)

and there is much more.... sheesh :P But we love em

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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