Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Adam on Adobe

In the news today a mammoth sized mammoth did a marathon and won a toy mammoth, the size of a giant mammoth.
Also in the news
Charles Hentworth, the proud owner of the Custard Factory, Parmuth, Australia drowned today in a giant silver custard bowl.
His body was then ripped apart by magpies, the scientists and team working on the case are trying to figure out how it happened and wheather the magpies wanted the silver, meat or custard?
It is almost proven that it was the custard.
- Arnold Armshire reporting live from the Custard Factory.

"Hello Munch and the Crumb team, i'm Armshire in Parmuth, WA live at the death of a remembered man. Mr. . mr.. he.... his name will be remembered for ever. Earlier on i did an interview with one of the workers."
"So did you see anything?"
"What are you? The police?"
"Have you any idea how it happened?"
"All i know it wernt me and the custard was exploding out top of building. My family stood out front of house and ate it."


"I also had a talk with one of the local police officers."
"Any news on the conspiracy?"
"I dont know, you'd have to ask someone actually working on the case."

"Arnold Armshire out."

Thankyou for that wonderful live coverage. Stay tuned for more news on the issue.

Adam Phillips has become a featured artist at Adobe.com
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Res hopes to submit Tramp Snatcher as soon as possible, the moose. And now we are currently filming the new AMBUSH REVENGE, sequel to Ambush Rewind.


- Nathan (munch) viney

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