Saturday, December 30, 2006

"SPAM, coming atcha from angles you cant possibly imagine"

In the news today someone placed a glass of water on top of a ladder and tried to balance it whilst holding it over their heads. May he rest in peace.


I'm telling ya the new site is getting closer to release, i can feel it in me BONES.

Whilst this is all happening i must contact the Biscuit Factory Arts Centre back in Australia to see if they still have some of my really short clay animation which ill be able to put into a little movie to add to my website.

So, i HAVE done clay animation everyone, its just never been released onto the internet before now. Not even now infact... but hopefully later. If not later, never.


And now a lesson on SPAM

I've been researching, it is said every second corner shop on this earth is a secret SPAM service gathering ground.

just that, petrol stations say they close early for safety reasons. But
the fact is exactly 60% of them are once again SPAM service gathering
grounds and it's rising still today.

Looking very closely into
it, they dont just take your email and personal details but also go to
your house and take pieces of your family.

There are about four people in the world leading this crime but with one man on the top.

Sir John Smith

I think you know why he started this association. Johns original email was

SPAM hit it like a rocket.

Just for revenge sake his new SECRET email is

Just.. a wee bit of information to keep you all on track and alert.


Infact John Smith contacted me recently, i was very honoured in fact, check it out.


As expected those noble gentlemen-referred here to
apparently all of the same individual from what I could see as we
Indeed? I snorted through widened nostrils. Rather short on
other side as well?
I jumped to my feet, spilling dry crumbs of dead sandwiches onto the
were very much in order. Which gave me the sweet pleasure of waking
was more than respectful when he talked about them because they appear
about it. When I held onto the ceiling with my hands I could not move
Explain! Floyd shouted. Not in the best of moods.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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