Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day

Thats right, today in the Boxing Day news Boxing Day has been cancelled due to too much boxing causing deaths across the world.
This smart reporter says, "Lets put this day in a box ;) " (He actually did the wink)

Hope your Christmas was Jolly!

"The year is almost at an end, a time for all of us to regret not working hard enough on things we either didnt want to do or were made to do.
And sometimes things we really wanted to do but couldnt be bothered, or things you might have wanted to do at the start and not want to do anymore, or the opposite of that.
But all in all Christmas has come and gone, in one day. As it does, as it happens, every year.
People celebrate, but before you know it another Christmas will be here and you'll regret not doing anything since last Christmas."

And that was a part of the Queens speach Christmas Day.
God Bless UKen 20 pence coins.

In MUNCH news:
Sadly there is going to be a longer delay on the website. But, keep your hopes up as Munchmedia gets closer to its release, hopefully.
Its not thats its not made, its the whole FTP hosting thing, problems shooting from side to side, acheing my headache.
COMinG SooN:

Some good news, ive got another person doing voices for Munchs WAR which should be good!
So thats 3 guests, or 2 and a bit.. i dont know. Or maybe you could say it as 1 guest and 2 extras, or 1 guest and 1 extra with an awesome band.
Or... 1 super guest man and some little teeny extra peoples and stuff....


- Nathan(munch) Viney

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