Sunday, December 24, 2006

Poison arrow


And in REAL news today, BONO, the lead singer of the irish rock band, U2 and poverty compainer has recieved an honorary knighthood.
You can find an article about it here from Yahoo.

But what i really love about this article is the humour coming out of it, and i quote:

"Prime Minister Tony Blair said he was delighted Bono had chosen to accept the award.



And yes, maybe Tony is a BONO FAN, so much infact he might forget what the real issue is.

"I'll leave it to others far more knowledgeable than me to talk about U2's music. All I'll say is that, along with millions of others right across the world, I am a huge fan"

The Daily Crumb: "And what about you Bono?"

"very flattered to be honoured, particularly if the honour ... opens doors for my long standing campaigning work against extreme poverty in Africa."

Tony then said, "Oh yeah... Africa!"

Also in the news today a group of rioters claiming, 'Smoking Kills' were crushed by a giant banner that had 'Fallen out of the sky'. Now the cigarette companies are putting on the packs, "Not smoking kills."

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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