Thursday, December 28, 2006

Brain molding


In the news today thousands of people have bought pens with their own names on them. People have started to complain that they cant pronounce them.

The Story below is a test to make you change your look about the character. Change your feeling for them.

Its called

There is a Burglar in my house.

The moon shone wildly on this cold night as Mr. Erns tucked himself up in his cosy bed. He leaned over to switch the light off listening for that light ‘click’ and started to close his heavy eye lids.

Whilst he did a man, dressed in full black crept around in the darkness shadowing the walls and the floors.

He leant over a set of drawers close by and opened one up to find nothing of value, he opened another once again feeling around with dark black gloves. The only mistake he made was turning the side lamp on next to him.

Mr. Erns face lightened up as he threw himself out of bed jumping into a ninja stance and swaying his fists around suddenly.

The Burglar turned around in shock noticing what a fool he had been, he glanced quickly at a red glowing diamond, grabbed it and ran for the window.

At this time Mr. Erns was fiddling around the other side table for his glasses, “Where are they? Where are they?” he mumbled to himself.

The Burglar had grasped a thick rope from his own backpack; he tied it tightly onto the leg of the bed and jumped out of the window abseiling down the five story building.

Mr. Erns had finally placed his glasses over his eyes and had noticed the window open, the curtains waving in the cold wind gushing through. In no thought at all he ran towards it and leapt out of the wide window feeling the cold air shoot across his face. He fell forwards rolling in the air before collapsing onto a giant metal bin and ricocheting off onto the pavement.

The Burglar was shocked at this sight, watching above and below him. He abseiled quicker down until his feet were placed on the pavement. He then placed the diamond into his bag and walked slowly over to where Mr. Erns’ body lay, crippled.

“Not even YOU deserved that,” he said. “But what a stupid thing to do.”

Erns’ eyes suddenly opened and he jumped up with his arms in a strangling position. The Burglar stepped back in disbelief, and before he knew it Erns was on his feet. “That diamond belongs to me,” Erns said before leaping towards the thief.

The Burglar turned and hopped forward a little before running at top speeds through the streets. His backpack shook on his back as he bounced off of a wooden chair and threw himself up onto a shop roof.

Mr. Erns watched as this happened; he then sighted a little boy on a scooter. He ran up to him and pushed him off, “Police business.”
The child replied with a, “You don’t look like a policemen.”
“I’m not, but isn’t theft, business of the Police?”
The child became grumpy, “Well THIS IS THEFT!”

Erns drove off down the street zooming after the running Burglar jumping from shop roof to roof. “I’m just borrowing it!”

The Burglar spotted Erns driving fast on the flashy scooter below and didn’t notice the giant banister heading his way.

Erns saw it and started to point, the Burglar swayed his head not understanding. Before he could hop to the left the Burglar shot right into the metal corner of the banister.

Erns skid the scooter causing it to spark and steam as the Burglars body slid off of the roof and fell onto the paving.

The town went quiet as on-lookers stared.

Erns stared down at the body, “Looks like the rich are always the winners.” He pulled up the bag and grabbed the red diamond. “And I am the rich.”

The Burglar’s face was that of a terrified person. “It’s not rightfully yours!” Erns suddenly crushed the Burglars face with his giant shoe, grinding it into the ground splattering blood across the stone. “It is RIGHTFULLY mine now…”

The Burglar gritted his bloody teeth, “You stole it from my family! Our history! My great great grandfather was awarded it by royalty!”

Erns face became evil, “Finders keepers.” He lifted his foot, and killed the man.

On the way home Erns walked calmly, the diamond in his pocket, the moon at his display. Suddenly a man came up to him hugging him, “Jesus! I haven’t seen you in years mate!” Erns looked quite surprised; he’d never seen this man before.

“Excuse me?”

The man looked up at his face, “Oh sorry, my mistake. Thought you were… umm… Pete, off the old… Custard Factory… resort… station…”

Erns replied with a frown, “Ahh.”

The strange man walked off down the alleyway and disappeared into the darkness. Erns stared around a little embarrassed, “Silly mistake,” he then checked his pocket to find the diamond gone.

“Damn friendly muggers.”

By reading it you may have, with the character ERNS, changed your mind through out.

ERNS, begun as the innocent man in his house, being burgled or the idiot. Then he became the 'baddy', the Burglar was in the end trying to get the diamond back due to the fact it was part of family history. (Although it is still theft/ breaking and entering)

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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