Friday, December 29, 2006

Owy Blople keen pway theh farpoozica

In the news today someone very important made a typo in one of his emails, what a mistake. Buy an umbrella, Americas at WAR!

Well the new website is underway once again, originally it was going to be named, as it is now, then it was changed to and now finally the result of a domain name shall be (hopefully)

It's very very imaginative, took years to deside on it, i hired over forty employees to work together on brain work.

They sat in a giant room typing and chatting, using their brains usefully. I went over to find out how they were going.

"So what have you people's mighty brains throught of yet?"

"Well," One replied, "Almost every idea we've had is taken."

"Any examples for me?"

" even GAMESPOT.COM is taken! Then we thought, what about some classy names., taken. not taken, but someone over there who was obviously drunk didnt like it and then we asked eachother, "What is that guys name?"

'Nathan, they replied, Nathan Viney' So i said, what if we call it, ', again some drunk guy didnt like it. I really think you should fire him, he didnt like, or '' Taken.

"We worked so hard to get a good one, " was a very good idea, and then suddenly someone came up with the perfect idea. Genius! We all clapped together on that one and thats how we got to the final conclusion!"

"Yep, and then i changed it to so um, your all fired. Except that drunk guy over there."

April Fools everybody!

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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