Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Munch on TV

Today in the news the president of the United States was replaced by a plank of wood. I firmly agree to this change of position as i believe George W Bush was verbally impaired.

Also on the headlines of most newspapers today a man choked to death on a chocolate button in a cinema whilst sharing popcorn with his imaginary friend.
Head of parliment said in a press conference, "I'm personally glad the man's dead, chocolate buttons are discusting."
This has brought across many riots on 10 downing street. The priminister found a midget with a giant firework strapped to his back inside Tony Blaire's clothes cupboard. A few hours later a rumour spread the internet and the BBC news, even going across to America and Australia that there was a packet of chocolate buttons in the Priminister's front pocket. He denies the whole thing.

Also i'd like to complain about English currency. Or is it politically correct to say 'British' or 'Uken'? Why are 20 pence SMALLER THAN 10 PENCE?
This issue will never be solved.

Latest Munch News:

The college pixillation video project AMBUSH REWIND has been asked to be on a Sky digital UK Television show. The channel is Trouble or (Trouble TV) and the show, i think is called Homegrown.
I'll get some more information on that later.
If you haven't seen AMBUSH REWIND yet check it out

- Nathan (munch) Viney
(Sorry for not haveing time to set up a Flash tutorial, been quite busy, this blog entry was completely rushed.)


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  1. You sure are random.
    20p are smaller than 10p because they are and always will be.