Friday, November 10, 2006

A chunk of medium

Colour by Technicolour

In the news today a man was frightened to find out he'd have to have his finger taken off after it got stuck between two keys on his keyboard. He was trying to reach some biscuit crumbs as his wife told him not to eat by the computer.

Today in the music industry Paul Mcartney is complaining about the young kids outside his house. He also asked a personal Journalist friend of his to not tell anyone he'd hired a helper to get him to the loo and back.
Paul Mcartney: "I'm only getting younger."

As some of you know, i don't only do ... umm... what i do.... (Not quite sure what that is exactly?) but i also some times write lyrics.
And as no one actually reads this daily blog i'll give you the info on it.
Antimunch (A sort of musical collaboration.) where i write some terrible lyrics and "Antiseal" or (Sam) a musician i met on Brackenwood forum writes and plays them.
You can find Antimunch on myspace here
They may take a while to load.
The next song to come out is called "Trip" and is being mixed on the program, "Fruity Loops". Thaaankyou Sam!

Note(to do)book:
- Microphone
- Football tickets (Whoa!)
- New house
- Website and Munch's WAR producing at the same time
- Releasing the website hopefully soon

Yes, as you may have read, my family are moving house yet again, a 400 year old home, but not only to us? The home of an old figure.
My nan, (The writer of some funny tunes on my Flash cartoons) went in, for the first time to see our new country house, as did i. My nan is also the writer and director of many local pantomimes (plays) in the west of the UK. Shes very multitalented indeed.
A name came to her when she walked into the house. "Collecott"
It was very odd, at home she researched on the internet and found out that one of the very first residents of the farm house, (Keeping in mind it was a 400 year old home) was named that....

Also in the news today a Technicolour are trying to buy Jelliebabies, they keep saying they are 'NOT' out of buisness and they are still 'Manicacs about colour!'

Nathan (James) Viney

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