Sunday, November 12, 2006

Alien Seashell

In the news today a Computer monitor is concidered a fire hazard... well done Dell.

Now there has been alot of confusion in the area of, the difference between emo and goth. Or maybe it's just me. I went around town, to find out.

(I was standing at a bus stop determined to break the ice.)

Nathan: "So... what do they call you?"
(Dark character stares at me lifting an eye brow.)
Dark: "... John..."
Nathan: "Oh no! no! no! I meant, what do they call you, an emo or a goth?"
Dark: "Excuse me?"
Nathan: "Goth, or Emo, i really get confused sometimes."
Dark: "You know that could offend some people."
Nathan: "Did it offend you?"
Dark: "No... but it is a stereotype. I could be none."
Nathan: "You're one of them surely.
Dark: "Um.. ok... well, whatever."
(The dark character lites up a cigarette holding the box.)
Nathan: "Smoking kills."
Dark: "I know." (Pushing cigarette box into Nathan's view. It says "Smoking Kills.")
Nathan: "EMO!"

(Finishing product: Emo's attempt to kill themselves (Not a LIGHT subject, i admit :D ) So the fact they don't mind smoking tells us straight.)
(Sorry if i have offended any Smokers in this presentation.)
(In the end, the guy was actually going to a fancy dress party as a goth, poor unimaginative soul.)

Nathan (Munch) Viney

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