Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The lense of a smart battery charger

Today in the news it has been reported that Britian is the most spyed upon country with thousands of cameras spreading it. They think its due to all of the surveliance that celebrities have, i think we should get rid of them all.

In Broadcasting news i forgot (a while ago) to show you all (who ever reads this) my Ronald Mcdonald picture.
Which is, here

The Original Miserable Clown which is actually copyright even though i count it as scrap.
There is a history lession on it at my Deviant Art account here

Next week we are planning and shooting another RNM production film which we'll be able to add to the small collections of films. Also one of them may lend me a microphone next monday, so that should be something to look forward too.

Also in the news today a man with one eye only saw the right hand side of the bus before it hit him, making him think he'd just about dodge it.

Back to important news:
Writing another script with the characters from Celebs in my Studio, the new script is called "ON LOCATION" with Nathan, Patrick, Adam and a new character (actor/cleaner) This is a one part script and not three like the trilogy.
I have also designed a set for Munch's War on paper, but i am also concidering changing the name :O
More news on that later.

and read tommorows because, remember, BOOKMARK ME

Nathan (munch) Viney

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