Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Photo Finish in the World Under Ours

In the news today a swan was accidently stepped on as a child thought it was a stepping stone. He was colour blind, the swan jumped into a frantic attack and took the childs eyes out.
His parents said, "It was lucky the voilent creature took something that wasen't any use to him."

Now straight to todays news:
Today RMN's new production (Working title...) was filmed at a local (Discusting) bus station. It is a comedy involving the life of tramps (Homeless people) and a stuttering News reporter who soon learns what it's like to live as a tramp.

Cast Announced:
News Reporter: Nathan Viney
Non-educated delinquent: Mathew Menhenick
Tramp: Mr. Sam (Guest actor.)
Camera Man: Reuben Speight
Directors: RMN (Reuben Speight, Nathan Viney and Matthew Menhenick.)
Creators: RMN
Camera man: Reuben Speight

Production (Editting and more) continues next tuesday.

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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