Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tomorrow’s Another Day with Flash tips #1

Headline in the news today my light bulbs gone out so I’ve stolen someone else’s.

In the news today an Elephant named Pete was found stuck/sunk in a giant puddle of mud. Visitors including children are paying three pounds to have a ride if they are a certain height. And weight.

Now I am very confused, who are my target audience? No one is; fact. So in the end my target audience are the socks that sit on my window side. The window side above my heater, which may cause the socks to set fire. Bad place for socks this time of year.

In my original plan I was going to make a whole flash tutorial from when you press the logo. I set it all out, steps and map of features… but then I had a turn of ideas and quit that one.

I thought, maybe I will just do tips, tips for flash that I use sometimes. Similar to Adam Phillip’s missing woodblog.

So here we are; the no body who reads this.

Frame by Frame Flash Animation tips.

The Squash and Stretch trick. Learnt from the Animators Survival Kit, a very recommended book to buy. (Thanks Steven from the BFAC)


To make the frame by frame animation look smoother and more motion-packed the animator bends, stretches and squashes the characters and objects in the animation. This has been used frequently in many old and new cartoons. A very recent one is Chicken Little, which
although 3d animated still sticks to the traditional Squash and Stretch style.

A bouncing ball:

--- Ball's can help us with lot's of things, like timing in Animation. As it reaches the air it gets slower and the pictures get closer together and as it falls again they get further apart and start to stretch.

Person jumping:

I hope something here might have helped you.
In the end it looks quite like hes hittinghis head on the top of the screen butall in all it looks ok. here

Here is a Rabbit walk cycle I did, I rather like it, besides the jelly head.


I’m not sure if the next entry will be remarkably long and detailed but tomorrow’s another day.

Nathan (munch) Viney


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  1. Thats great and everything, but how do I do that in flash?
    Where is the Flash Steps for Dumb People (Like me)?