Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Nathan James Viney, also known as Munch (A very childish nick name.) was born on the 1st of July 1990 on a small island under the UK. The isle of White. At the age of four his family moved down under to Australia settling down in Perth WA. They didn't realise they'd be living there for around twelve years. In this time Nathan went to two primary schools and one highschool. At the early ages of 5 to 9 Nathan Viney could not draw for a Jam donut. His paintings and drawings were as fantastic as anyone at that age, with no signs of improvement. At the age of 9 he and his friend "Chris Gardula" (His identity will stay secure) started to draw comics together in little black books. Drawing recess and lunch (Food Breaks), they'd both have funny ideas and they both had their own characters and journeys. (Tomothy and pals) As Primary school went on i regret to say Nathan and Chris were facinated by the Stick Death animations on the interweb. From then on them and some other friends started to animate stick cartoons on Microsoft Powerpoint and still doing their individual comics. When Nathan was some age that isn't important he graduated from Primary school and moved onward to Highschool (Don't complain about the Educational system because you're from another county.... moose.) In year 8 he found out about Flash. Macromedia Flash MX, a program that higher grade students only slightly new how to use. Nathan first learnt how to move two pupils from left to right on flash. When he got home he downloaded the trial version. He suprised his friends when they found out he had flash (The mighty program to make internet movies on, Stick movies.... "OH! I FOUND OUT WHAT THAT PROGRAM HE USES IS CALLED!") A while later Nathan bought Flash for a cheap price. Around this time he also found out about Adam Phillip's animation work and became very facinated. After making some terrible stick animations Nathan converted his comics to the screen. "Tomothy Live 1." As the school years went by, the levels went down and the homework grew. He animated a few other flash animations and joined the Brackenwood Forum, where he's been apart of a great online community for many years and hopefully many to come. He won a flash Christmas competiton on Brackenwood even though the animation had discustingly bad quality sound. *It was luck i'd say* Living In Perth WA, highschool Nathan asked if they could make an animation club, to teach the youngsters how to use flash. This went on for about a year. Nathan soon joined an animation/ drama club after school wedensdays named, 'The biscuit Factory Arts Centre' in Fremantle. He was there for just less than a year fitting in to their daily animation. Soon enough it was announced that Nathan had been excepted into the Plymouth College of Art and Design back in the UK without any good grades at all. Over the year Nathan prepared to leave the country, along with his family. Leaving friends and most importantly his dog. Nathan left the animation club at school running and the Biscuit factory arts centre gave him a great gift, The Animators Survival Kit. On a last note thing the family decided to bring the dog who was named, Merlin. Soon enough the plane shot across Earth and landed on a fish and chips planet named the United Kingdom The planet he was born on. The family's new life started. ...

The rest is still being examined from the wrecks of the old building he once lived in.

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  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Hi Munch (Bud)

    Just found this wonderful page.

    This is from your Australian family, you know the ones that looked after your dear Merly!!!

    You are so clever just remember us all when you are famous.