Monday, October 30, 2006

A Fist of view

Today in the news protests and issues are evolving on the issue of germs are gods creatures too. The crowds are planning to sue up to three companies for advertising about the deaths of 3d animated germs dieing after touching a blob of cleaning fluid.

In other news a man has built a replica of Postman Pats mail van. He says it’s attracting wild cats.

But back to the point I was trying to get at. Comedians will never get hit by a car; this is because they are so good at timing. Some will argue this will happen with any actor also. I argue that unless they have a time travelling machine or gravity binding reflexes then all together every single actor and comedian on this earth is going to get hit by a truck. The theatre went quiet after that.

I’ve heard that this country is full of people who like beating up people. The key of course is, to confuse them.

Wrong thing to do: “Oi Kid!”


“I don’t like your hat!”

(Starts terrible fight (It is not important who started it, it is only important who made it begin))

Right thing to do: “Oi Kid!”
(Looks around behind you, turns back) “Who me?”

“Yeh you, I hate your hat!”

“Oh really? Well, I’ll take it off then.”

“What? No…”


“No… it’s just… well ok. Do it then.”

“Done, thanks for your point of view.”

“No… no wait, I hate your shirt mate.”

“Oh… well I’ll take it off then.”

“NO! NO! NO! Go on, ahead… keep walking… LEAVE ME ALONE!”

(Confusion complete 100%)

(Walk off, ipod safe in pocket.)

(Don’t try this at home)

Next week on the news: Boars are loose.

What I do need to do is work on the next Stargazed comic which hasn’t been updated since August.

Tomorrow prepare for some informative Flash steps and skills. Only a small amount because I’m not Mr. P. These will be for beginners and not for *people who already know how to use flash* or they might be, I’m not sure, we’ll just have to wait and see.

But what I do know is it’ll be Flash steps for dumb people.

Flash Steps for Dumb people.


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  1. That story wouldn't work, if it was a real chav they would jsut kick the shit out of you for confusing them.