Monday, November 13, 2006

Witty Bereavement

Today in the news a man with no head was seen walking suspiciously into a carpark. People are calling him the "Man Chicken."
The fan club spokesmen... spoke: "Goodwheetabix. Today we read from chapter thirty two of the Man Chicken Gospel. He rose again, and walked towards the freedom of his mighty Pod. The lights were overwelming, releasing all stress from the butter and bread around him. The aliens energy transformed him into a bottle of wine and his three followers drunk.
Let's remember him for that. And the fact he still walks with us is astonishing."
More news on that later

Also in the news the comic strip creators of Asterix are sueing Microsoft. *_*

In broadcasting news:
RMN productions have released information on their next amazing film, no it wont be a pixillation animation. It is untitled at this point in time but we know it will on the lines of a News reporter comedy and Tramps (homeless people). It's got a swift sort of story, filming begins tommorow, editting will continue after that. RMN also has another member along the way and in the end it should be fine.
Fact: Comedy
Location: Ugly Bus station

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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