Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brain on toast

Today in the news a man with two legs attempted hopping over a large fallen tree. He failed and stubbed his toe.

In Broadcasting news:
Today i kept on writing the pointless script of "On location" which is nine pages now. I also updated an "About Munch" page, for whatever reason, i cant think why.
You can find it here
With that i also uploaded a terrible picture of me which you can find here
(I didn't want to host it here as i look like a grease monster.)

Also in the news today the website are planning to buy every other website on the internet. Some believe the man who found Google, Larry Page is losing the ability to see the real world.
In a recent speech he said, "The future of Google runs down to the key elements, the colours blue, red, yellow, blue again, green and red."
He even added the "TM" to finish off.
What Larry dosen't realise is that he stepped out of the job years ago.

Nathan (munch) Viney

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