Monday, November 06, 2006

The true story of Surrealism Vs Clocks

The tale

Today in the news a small man entered a library only to walk into the biggest trouble he’d ever come across. A bookshelf.

In Broadcasting news Munch’s War’s set has still NOT been drawn I am sorry to say, no more news on the Ambush Rewind and Lukai and his Castle on television whether that is to happen or not and I still haven’t got a working microphone.

But in lighter news I added a picture to my “Surrealism Vs Clocks” tale of… pictures.

The Surrealism Vs Clocks tale came from a flash artwork I did back in Australia where I explained a very rare and ancient photo had been taken.

You can find the work here
The War that gave the Surrealism artist’s around the world their knowledge and inspiration to do the art they do. When the giant army of clocks collided with the jolly Surrealism world for a battle for butterfly coffee cups and underground wine mines.

The Surrealism creatures had fought back firing lasers at them, shooting the clocks down, these left good and bad remains.

Artwork Description:

This is part of the Surrealism Vs Clocks War. When one clock was struck by a laser beam it fired down into the sea burning the sands, the creatures sadly cooked and boiled molding into bells and ringing along the sea beds and across the ocean. They rung for 3 years untill the war finally ended.
This picture was taken as the war was ending.
There is also an audio to go with it (not very impressive) but you can hear it here

The first photo was believed to be a time traveller’s journey, one man and his camera. Shots of the world he’d never thought to be real. Smiling snails dripping with black-current juice dead on the yellow sands as the sky darkened changing colours as lasers shot amongst them.

The second photo is one of a Surrealism creature itself taking the photo (It is believed) in a wagon boat sailing and trying to escape to the spiral hills of the Surrealism world away from the war.

The “paper” they used to write on was actually plastic, and the only ink they had was permanent. And often they didn’t have enough arms, or at least had too many to actually write on it. It is believed the photographer of the photo took it and soon after was bolted by a falling, flaming clock. This boiled the boat and the creatures inside moulding them into ringing bells which covered the whole ocean, floating over the choppy water. We know this, because we found both the photo and some bell remains fallen from space and lying motionless in one of the London streets.

In the end we believe the Surrealism creatures won the battle, but were taken aback when a giant clock formed, its golden energy frosted the planet, the planet was literally cold and shuffled in to cool itself killing thousands of creatures, the planet kept squashing in and in to get warm. In the end the planet exploded along with everything on it, even the mighty army of Clocks.

These photos are the only evidence we have, hopefully we will find more soon enough, and hopefully we have more proof.

- Nathan (munch) Viney



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