Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Wednesday Horoscopes (With the Medium)

Today in the news Cadbrey are scouting for new chocolate ideas like 'The Credit Crunchie'.

You've reached page 1 of this 1 page newspaper.
and accidently walked into the Horoscopes section.
The medium, Nathaniel Tinga's Daily Horoscope:
14th November 1973

You may find your mind asking you to leave a point in life. It would be in your best interest to ignore that voice you hear and stay put. Home is where the fridge is. If there is a person or object you are waiting for, it will come with patience. If you're not patient, it will take longer to come.

You have very good eyes, as in you can see tiny details. With these skills you may just save someones life this week. That, or point out something discusting on someone's food.

Try and twist the chatter to a better direction when speaking to friends. You realise it is getting really boring, introduce an exciting topic, like blinking lights.
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You like to explain to people, but you are really bad at it. Take a walk in the fresh air, dive down a waterfall for cooling refreshment or travel back in time to meet old stars that are long gone dead now.

You're finding it really hard to read people at this point in time, and books. You cannot grasp the words you are looking for.
Whilst stories are being told people seem angry at you, but they're not, they're just messed up in the head. If you're Gemini and not a woman, please see a doctor.

Thats it! they're getting at you from all sides! They keep pointing and firing arrows into your back. I say, RELAX! Take some time to yourself or one day you'll find yourself as a peach tree.
Or worse, a man horse with wings.

I can see Cancer is a star moving through space, i'm not really a space man myself but id say you needed to crash land. A person of this star does not normally actually float away from earth and reach the sun. But this time you are, blink twice, have a drink and realise your surroundings.

You're a chef/a good chef and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are a bad chef i think advise is to learn and see how you enjoy it.
If you've had/ or have an accident in the past present or future please be aware that people are there to call the emergency number. You do not have to be scared of that as you walk around the shops.
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Your thoughts are normally the right ones, say something whether you're ignored or not. (Homework: Practice this technique with deaf person)
Send this to a friend

No, i was joking go away.
You CAN spell. Everything is swirling around you, your job is to pick out the things that make you smile. Then make something of them.
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This reading always scares me, ok.. i am getting clouds. A light flow. But rather cold, it has been cold in your area. Too much icecream leads to fatness, you need to diet.

Everything is so fast moving, similar to Aquarius: Read up!
You do like your prawns... fast food. You love your fast food, but your money is disapearing. Maybe find some cheaper things to eat.

See you in my next movie, Nightmare on the Silver Screen.

- Nathaniel tinga, Professional Medium

Thankyou Nathaniel.

- The Daily Crumb

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