Thursday, January 08, 2009

Baby at Door after the news

Today in the news
Woman in camouflage gets lost in bushes

And lollypop man was caught eating his sign.

Shoes are banned in town where prize winners are expecting shoes. The town of Henssburg, America's people were forced to give in all of their shoes due to the new law.
Later on today the rule was taken away and the shoes were given back as prizes. The families were very pleased they had won such lovely gifts.

and Fat Uncle not worthy of having a name.
(More of that on page 34)

Also in the news meat eater seen eating lettace
Lettace eater seen eating apple.
And food eater seen eating a piece of wood.
All of them have been taken in for questioning.
One was let off for being a flying turtle and not apart of the human law system.

Early on in the week a flat mate realised the ceiling was too low.

Tom Hanks admitted he was the son of his father.
(More on that in the sports section)

And man switches television channel to find sound on mute.

In the news today no one was arrested for a bank robbery
No one was arrested for a murder
Police suspect the husband because he lived with the woman.
Police suspect teenagers of bank robbery because they are hooligans.

Bag of fish stolen at Dubai airport.

Donald Duck says he's quitting the theatre

Citizens wondering whether people they dont know are doing their jobs right.

Fisherman asking where his bag of fish has gone.

Tom Hanks father admits he does not have a son.

and man flattened in flat by lowering ceiling.

To end the news today man realised he was mute and it was not the television

We got some letters from the fans this week, we sure do get a lot of these babies.

"I'm leaving this baby with you Daily Crumb. I feel you will be a better mother than i'll ever be."
- Larry

"Make sure he knows his mother loved him, and risked getting her hair wet to bring him to you."
- Marianne.

"Call her Marianne, after her mother."
- Bernard

"Sorry, my husband brought the twin we wanted here when id already bought the one we didnt want to give away. Can we have it back?"
- Marianne

"Hi again, if she asks for the babies, say i never came back. Two for free, lucky you."
- Bernard

"Sorry, i meant father, not mother. I was hitting myself all week so i thought id send another letter."
- Larry

- The Daily Crumb

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