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Thomas the Tank Engine as the 11th Doctor

Today in the news, didnt you watch the news?

Ok, so the title is a little miss leading.
Thomas, or, Thomas the Tank Engine did not get cast as 'The 11th Doctor in Doctor Who'
But the person who WAS cast probably watches it all the time as he is the youngest Doctor to ever play the part.
I dont think it was quite the idea the original creators of the show had but over the many years the ages have varied. A younger choice every year? I was personally hoping for an older, wiser one... but at the side of Steven Moffat i am almost certain the series will be brilliant.
He does have doctor qualities about him, but until i see the series i will not be able to critique the choice of actor.

Should they really have released it so soon?
Answer: Yes, maybe. With the way the media likes to move, it would have been discovered eventually.. plus i am sure it would have been difficult to keep a secret.
But did they REALLY need to make a whole episode leading up to an end? Half hour just to keep out one piece of information.

*Kid watching the three/four next episodes of Doctor Who*
"Wow, i wonder if he'll regenerate now.. oh.. maybe he'll regenerate in the next episode."
"Why didnt he regenerate?"

Before David Tennant has even left they're giving thew new guy his own show, all about him! (Nothing against the actor)
So, if you've been reading this and have no idea what i am talking about... here
Doctor Who, The UK tv series has gone on with different actors playing the same character, The Doctor. A bit like James Bond but there is reason behind it.. sci fi reason. When he is close to death, or the actors quits or is fired the character regenerates into a new form.
They brought the series back in, i dont know.. 2006? I have no idea. But Christopher Eccleston (Fantastic! (I'm not quoting him, i'm saying he was fantastic...)) came in as the Ninth Doctor. At the end of that series he regenerated into David Tennant who has become one of the most popular Doctors yet. So taking over that role would be difficult for everyone involved.
Anyway the 11th Doctor for the 2010 series is a young MATT SMITH who has played various roles in various things in the region of variable varians with the species Vash Ta Varada.
Anyway, i'm sure it'll all be fine blah blah blah, bring on 2009 first thankyou.
Heres a picture of the odd looking Who.


Thomas, we love you.
Well i was recently informed by....
Well, my sister... that Thomas the Tank Engine (Thomas and Friends) appeared to be CGI last time she saw it.
Thankfully she was HALF mistaken.
As you do, i needed to look into this straight away.
The 2008 series of Thomas and Friends was actually filmed totally with MODELS (Like the original series)
But with CGI faces animated over the trains, as well as cgi PEOPLE moving and grooving like any other kids show.
To be honest, i love the idea of mixing the two. I have always loved mixing (Aedan, Tintut, You Can't Handle).
So its not the same, but its not the new adventures of CGI Noddy at least.

I just had a quick look at one of the episodes *Make way for Noddy* and it aint that bad.
I am going to give you two IN THE ENDS
1. IN THE END its best to keep childrens(/any original idea) the way they always were. Take Postman Pat, the latest series only changes have been characters and animated mouthes which aint that animated anyway. Of course i wont mention the fact hes getting a helicopter in the next series.. dont they realise kids love the VAN? Or maybe it was just me.
2. IN THE END As long as a series is pulled back for todays kids... does it matter if its different? Too different views there.

Though one things for sure, Thomas need to change their theme tune back to the original.
I aint finished yet. The next series of Thomas will apparently be FULL CGI and narrated by Pierce Brosnan. No, not yay.
Until then we'll see.

Well this is season 12. A mixture of models and CGI people and faces (And possibly smoke)
Someone edited this song/video together

- The Daily Crumb

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