Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fish and Chips in the Air

Today in the news
The old man from UP must be a relative of the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith with a chin like that.


In other news Mr. Bindy sent us an email:
"Earlier this year i was fired, rehired and then just sent away and told not to make any more music. It became a very depressing time for me.
Well over the new jolly years i had never experienced this.
Halfway through my LIVE recite of 'Waltzing Matilda' i had a head shock, you may be able to hear it, i heard the drums.
Ekalopse was born, i am not mentally stable at the moment. The Ekalopse Cournal, Brother and Sister have been creating music through me and i hate it.
They cannot make music for FAX. They forced me into releasing their new song,
'Ekalopse can't make music'."

I personally wish they'd learn how to keep in time. Must be difficult having demonic souls singing out of tune in your head.

Well it has been a while since there was a good DAILY CRUMB write up. And, well today we're going to say this, "No... too much screen writing is REVOLTING. I cannot read, it brings me out in a rash. Make sure you




so it looks like less to read.

Or, maybe you could begin at the start and go from there.

Let us start here, at point number one.
(This is POINT number one)
Man sitting down, waiting for a bus.
you"Excuse me, is this spot taken?"
"Well.. nope."
you"Why thankyou."
"No.. problem..."
you"So, whats on the menu?"
"I'm sorry?"
you"The menu, up there."
"Oh... bus times?"
you"Really, is there a special for today?"
"I dont think so."
you"Oh ok. I've got a date."
"Thats good."
you"She's beautiful, she'll be sharing the chair, do you mind?"
you"She likes wine."
"Thats nice."
you"So you may want to block your ears when we're served."
you"Have you eaten already?"
"Sandwich before i came out."
you"Long journey was it?"
"Nope, just down the road."
you"Oh! You're not eating?"
"Do i look like i'm eating?"
you"You're a waitor!"
"No, i'm not."
you"What are you then?"
"A passenger. And a victim to your useless NOISE!"
you"Oh, bus is here."
"Yep, are you getting on?"
you"Nope, waiting for my date."
"Whos that?"
you"Valantines day."
"You're waiting till Valantines day to catch a bus?"
you"No, i'm waiting till Valantines day to see you again."
you"Byyee!! mmm. I smell those Fish and Chips in the air."

You know you're in England when you open the front door to the smell of Fish and chips in the air.

- The Daily Crumb

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