Friday, January 30, 2009

Pupendai agrees to video

Today in the news Show Your Interviewer You Are Enthusiastic:

Also in the news
Pupendai, the lead vocalist alongside Mr. Bindy agreed to lip sync in a short, moneyless music video for 'Ekalopse can't play music'.
It was earlier rumoured that he did not want anything else to do with the 3 person band.
Here is a shot of them having a reunion.

From right:
Cournal Ekalopse (Horns), Pupendai (Lead Vocals), Mr. Bindy (Song writing, keyboard and vocals)
Pupendai had this to say:
"I left them last week. I was bored of the mix and mesh they were writing. It was utter trash. My vocals have played in part for Damon Albarn's voice in the past. This is going backwards and that is something i am not happy to do. Ekalopse was interesting at first, the mentally insane freak that Mr. bindy is these days.
too be honest i have no idea how he got popular, his voice aches my poor ears every time he speaks.
So i get a letter to meet up at the old studio. I suppose i wanted to say a worthy 'cya later' to the folks. Cournal Ekalopse made some excellent cakes."

Mr. Bindy said that: "It was wonderful to see Pupendai back. He played part in some of the earlier albums. Been with me a long time, i can see why now was his departing time. We wont be looking for another vocalist."

New video:

Photoshoot, 'alone and hating.'

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  1. That dog with your voice is really freaky :o

    Nice vid :)

    Freaky song!