Friday, January 30, 2009

BackFO clips

Today in the news a knife was arrested for smuggling itself onto a plane.
The owner, James Bennet, with a criminal record said "I am shocked at this matter. I never thought he had it in him"

Well also in the news UFO's have been once again sighted in, i believe france and somewhere else.
Well, unfortunately i believe these fake videos need better animators.
But it has come to the point, where if a ufo really did levitate over earth and some great footage was shot of it, we would not believe it. "Dats CGI, dat is right der!"
We'd all speak like that.

The clips either show 3d saucepans or tiny black dots flying around. They are filmed like a 'live tragic' event.

Ok, so they have not 'once again' been sighted. They're being sighted all the time.

But why isnt ufo sighting big enough for the news? Especially amazing footage like that! Journalists turning around to see an army of spaceships flying towards them.
Id think that was the first sign of contact. There were about 4 there! Yet it does not make the local news, nor the country news, and not the worldwide news.

If they are really there, with that many witnesses, i want to see one of those fantastic news reporters talking about it on the BBC!



Mr. Bindy did a photoshoot last weekend. Only one photo made it out alive. The rest were apparently blurred by rainbow steam.


On the same weekend i did a bit of a photo shoot as well. A few photos of my good sides and then they were released for the world to see.

- The Daily Crumb

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