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Stargazed, The Golden Cube

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Stargazed: The Golden Cube

Munch had his hand against the ice walls of the underground cove. "One singular step on the ground level will vibrate this ice slightly. I can feel it."
Stood around the boy were three men. Professor Bernard and two soldiers, Sergeant Clam Walker and Sergeant James Finally.
Clam was the nervous one, armed with a shot gun even a fly would be in danger. One creak, he'd swing to his side, fire and kill.
The Professor walked towards Munch. "Do you think they will find us boy?"
"Why are we following orders from a child anyway?" This was Sergeant Finally. The professor turned to him. "Because you're following orders from me.. and i'm following orders from him. see?"
The soldier was silenced.
"And what the hell is that thing?" Finally pointed his shot gun at the spikey black creature staring at him.
Munch stepped away from the ice, "Thats the little squishy thing. If you dont like it, shoot it."
Finally was silenced once again.

Above the ice, above the soil sat a small cabin. As it rained the clouds had creaked a blue coloured echo over the fields.
Standing beside the cabin were two men, dressed in metal armour, but in no way did it slow them down.
"They ran in this direction...."
They tended to finish off eachothers sentances, like you'd expect with sci fi twins.
"..which means they are inside that cabin."
And they WERE Sci fi twins.
Officers of the law, the planet Gallox. Gallox was run by a Master Gallox, a female enemy of Munch.
The officers did not have names, only titles. Officer One
and Officer Thirty two.
Waved back blue hair, like a frozen wave sat on both of their heads. Small eyes and bristles on the their faces.
In seconds Thirty two had pulled out a large gun. "Then lets go! I want blood on tommorows toast."
One stared at him, "I'm going to have... jam."
Thirty two went silent, ignoring his brother by kicking down the door of the cabin. The metal door crashed onto the floor inside bringing up a cloud of dust.
He scanned the area.
"No one here.... well apart from this 'oh so obvious' cellar."
One stepped in behind him looking over his shoulder, "Maybe they went around the back?"
"you stay here, i'll check out the cellar. We need to get that Golden Cube back."

Underground Munch was holding the glowing, golden cube in his hands. "This is more powerful than any of us could ever imagine."
Professor Bernard was sat next to him. "I realize that. But when we get it home the government will just want to use it's power as a weapon."
"And i realize that, thats why we will keep it locked up in the labs."

Suddenly there was a blinding light.
It had come from the Cube, a golden glow, that shot its way across the cove.
For one second none of them could see, it was just a blur of white. And then it faded.
James Finally spoke first, "What was that?"
"I'm.. not sure, something to do with the Golden Cube energizing?" Munch answered glaring at the gold in his hand.

"Where am i?" This was Sergeant Clam
"Where am i?" He spoke again.
Munch turned to him, "Clam? You're........"
"Where am i?"
This time it was Professor Bernard, his eyes stuck to one position.
"Oh, there's the Cube." He said staring at the glowing object.
"Oh, there's the Cube." Clam had spoken again, his pupils bounced from Munch to the Cube. And he fired.

Professor Bernard had jumped forward to grab the Cube himself, both of them wanted it, badly.
A bullet crashed into the flesh of Bernards back causing him to crash onto the ground. Munch leapt back in shock dropping the cube onto the icey ground.
In seconds Clam Walker was holding the Golden Cube, his gun hanging by his side.
"It's mine.... dont forget it is mine."
The professor mumbled a similar thing whilst dieing on the ground.

Munch stared at James Finally, "It's acting as a magnet. That glow was it creeping into the minds of the two most frightened humans in the room."
James was not speaking, he was shaking and watching Clam staring at him mumbling about the Cube being his.

"Just relax James, everything is going to be fine." Munch spoke.
"You're just a child! You can't help us, you got the professor killed...... and ... and Clam brainwashed...."
"It was the Cube James, it was the Cube."
"Which YOU assigned us to retrieve!"

Munch paused.
"We.... we had to.... the people of Gallox were going to use it to destroy Earth."
"Well thats not true at all. You're lieing to the poor boy."
There, standing next to Munch was Officer Thirty two. Before Munch could speak his neck was being crushed by the Officers hand.
"Master Gallox will be very pleased to see you Master Munch."
The little squishy thing cried for his master in pain.
James listened to Munch, he relaxed. "So........ so you control Clam now do you?"
The officer laughed. "Ha! The ways of the Golden Cube are beyond us. We just kill the zombies it creates."
There was silence, apart from the droplet of dribble that fell from Clams mouth.
"With one... the head."
Officer Thirty two fired his sci fi weapon at the forehead of Sergeant Clam Walker. The blood showered Jame's head and he shrieked.
The body collapsed, and the Cube was caught by the officer.
"Soldier." Officer Thirty two spoke straight away, no time for reflection.
It took James a few seconds to realise the officer meant him. ""
"I'm taking Munch back to the city. There's no need for you. Any last words?"
The officer was now holding Munch to the wall.
But whilst he did, Munch had pulled from his pocket a small bubble. With a quick squeeze it inflated and surrounded him seperating him from the officers hand.
It resized, he placed it into his pocket and then put his blade to Thirty two's throat.
James spoke, "Yes, whats your last words?"
The officers pupils switched to Munch's position.

And then it happened again.
The white flash of light.

It slowly faded away and Munch noticed the huge Officers body that stood before him was now gone.
"Look!" Shouted James pointing towards the bodies of the Professor and Clam. There sitting, holding the cube was a wondering, shaking Officer thirty two.

"I understand why we need to take it to safety Munch..." James finally showed some courage and held up his shotgun.
"There's no need for you, any last words?"
He fired.

Munch, with the cube safely in his backpack ran along the dark ice tunnel with James Finally by his side. "Just, dont get frightened, and we'll be safe."

The end

- The Daily Crumb

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