Saturday, June 07, 2008

Karn Enters Through Time Part 1.

Today in the, "Forget it, we need to hurry! There isnt much time!"
But.. but, i need to give the Daily news.
"Just make it up!"
What do you think i do usually?

Ok sorry, have to type fast. ill just let you know my situation. Basically this man named Karn broke into the Daily Crumb with a futuristic gun. He then saw Sennheiser and shot him in the stomach with a large lazer. It burnt a bleeding hole in his stomach and caused him to well, die. So, i was looking at the clock and noticed it was going a little bit faster.
I turned around and glared at the man.
"I'm Karn, and you my friend, are the Crumb."
Well that isnt my name exactly but hells you just killed my only employee. Why did you do that?
"Dont worry he's not dead, only stunned."
He has a giant hole through this stomach!
"Oooh yah, he's dead.. gosh thats a problem. He was a rather big part in the future."
Then why the hell did you shoot him?
"The history books say he was rather violent."
You couldnt be any further from the truth.
"Ok, we'll have to forget about stopping the year 8000 apocalypse and just concentrate on your future."
So he has not exactly explained anything and wants me to follow him. Well not until you bring back Sennheiser. Else you'll be working for me!
"Oh.... i'd be honoured sir! this is the most delightful thing i have ever been told. Even better than that txt messege i got saying "You're going to be born, be prepared.""
Would you shut up and bring him back.
"Certainly." He took the clock off of the wall and slotted it perfectly into Sennheisers stomach. "there we go!"
Sennheiser got up and stared at the bloody clock. "What happened?"
Well Karn here shot you.
"That !%@$!!~$!"&8£!/"!?!"

Hey guys, Sennheisers just gone extremely insane, he pulled a tree out of the ground and is now shoving it at Karns head.
"I knew he was violent!" Karn cried.
He's not normally! Where do you get these history books from anyway?
"They come from the original online texts of The Daily Crumb."

Huh......................................................./ guys, Sennheisers extremely insane, angry, murderous a tree shoving it Karns head \
I see...
Oh gosh, Karn just shot Sennheiser in the stomach again destroying the clock and well, killing him again. Rest in peace Sennheiser, i could never afford another clock.
"I am sorry, but he was frightening me."
And, chipping away bits of your head it looks like.
"Too be continued."
"I can't be bothered to tell you anymore."
You haven't told me anything! You just killed my friend.. .twice and then gave me a Eastenders ending.. except without a cliffhanger.
A too be continued NEEDS a cliffhanger. WHERE IS THE CLIFFHANGER?

"What is a cliffhanger?"
Oh... forget it.
"I must let you know, I'm here to save you from death, a death that occurs in a few minutes."
Agh, so you did know what a cliffhanger was. Right, see you next time readers!
"QUICKLY They're coming!"
"The history books call them, the Vector Gang."
Thats terrible! Taking a dead mans name. Let me get this straight, your history books were the Daily Crumb articles?
So, you know everything that is going to happen.
"Well, yes, but i can easily change it."
Wouldnt it be right to leave the world as it is?
"What? you wan to die?"
No, it's just if you save me you might corrupt the future or something.
"The future is corrupt, we need you to save it, do you know what it is like at the moment?"
Well obviously no.
"Evey single human being, works in an icecream van."

too be continued

RIP Sennheiser.
Welcome Karn

- The Daily Crumb

And now a nice preview of the new Silver Screen film

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