Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunny Days in the UK

The sun has been out for a while now, at least 3 weeks.. maybe. That is a very long time. And it was hot for like 2 days!!! cooorraazzzy
I went out in it once, that was nice, got some icecream and sweets! And a pie.
I'm animating everyday, not as hard as i dream of. Writing a schedule is a bit like having a nice dream really.
You plan out all these wonderful days where you complete a full load of coursework or any kind of production all at once. You expect, on that one day you will be stuck on WORK MODE( A mode you are familiar with, you have done it before, you'll do it again.) But you don't, you wake up, tired, lazy, and looking for food even though you are not actually hungry.
Any excuse to get 'in the mood' I'll be in the work mood in a moment, surely. Maybe once i have a shower, no, maybe if i eat breakfast.
Maybe if i check my email, facebook and twitter all will come together and work will start.
It does not work like that, first you've got to pass the most difficult part: Is todays work difficult?.
This question is very important.
If the answer is YES, then you avoid work because it is going to be difficult and possibly BORRINGGGGG
if you the answer is NOOOOO
Then you will leave it all day (It's ok, i'm ahead of myself, that bits so simple i can finish it later).... you either end up staying up very late or doing it the next day! Then you end up behind schedule! *

Another thing that can hold you up is if you've had a bad experience previously, if you feel like what you have just done sucks! It looks terrible and it has wasted (ooh stylo just came on on media player) a load of important working time.

To get past that last one I try and find something really easy to work on. Whether I'm doing something easy or difficult at least i am doing something that helps production. Then something is always completed by the end of the day, even if that is just flicking a puppies nose.

and stop blogging

thanks Bobby Womack for those kind words


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