Monday, September 26, 2011

Plan Crumb from Outer Space (Look at Facebook etc..)

Hello coldies! I've got a case of wacom pen hurting my thumb... maybe I've woken up and forgotten how to use it. I don't know.
Whats up with the whole world of bloggers going onto Tumblr? Tumblr this, tumblr that. I suppose it does make things look a little bit prettier, but aarghhh. I'm okay, hold back!!!! FROM THE BEN AND JERRYS.

Then theres Google + and Facebook! Twitter, and myspace... forums. Forums were popular, I'm not sure if they still are... yes i think they are, have always been useful and sometimes 'family-like' places.
Myspace was a popular one for the kids! And personally, i prefered it to Facebook as it gave more space for interesting design and colours. Now i hate it, because it is ugly, strange how our views change.
Facebook stole the spotlight, i think it may have been older people that began it's popularity. Sure! I know the story, I've seen the film( On a plane mind ), it began with university stalking.
But around the world i reckon it was parents and grandparents getting it to connect with their friends from the past (A new Friends Reunited). Kids tried to avoid Facebook, guh!!! It don't have the templates, the automatic ear squelching music!! But ONE kid joined Facebook, either because they were interested or their mum forced them..... So then their friends join in the.. 'fun'.

And now Facebook is a human catalogue of Earth. Like Argos, but with people. (If you don't know what Argos is, it's a shop that works like the internet. You read a bible, choose your favourite appliance or.. anything really, write down it's number and recieve your object over a desk. It's weird and I avoid it all costs.)

I don't think anyone ever expected Facebook to get so big, but it is basically the HELLO OLDER GENERATION WELCOME TO THE INTERNET, YOUR KIDS ARE ALREADY HERE. (Apart from the COOL Adults at the time, like animators...... i remember a few websites.. Lovely name.
Now hardly anyone does stick animation anymore, and rightly so, it was weird. Weird weird weird and a huge part of my growing up. Then Adam Phillips came along with his brains and experience as a disney mouse. He brought his spark to Flash, a program originally developed to just... make flashy images.. or buttons for websites. But Adam, and a few other smart founder daddies i don't care about came along and rocked the internet.
But now even Flash is being rejected (Well SWF anyway) Newgrounds is getting much less talented peeps than the old days and a few less visitors. (This is not a facT, just a guess because i'm cool)

Youtube came along. Youtube used to be a video website. A website where you go and watch videos, most of the videos were teenagers moaning about life, or doing badly edited comedy sketches. Some of these teens actually became web celebrities. (For a bit)
Youtube is now clogged with videos, so many.. the amount of videos and Gig that youtube uses blows my mind, I can only imagine a never ending.. string.. how long is a piece of string? I always imagine a string thats been cut with scissors so that .. does not make any sense to me.
Conclusion, youtube is huge! EVERYONE uploads to it, whether it is feature films or just bad quality phone videos of cats.. falling... FALLING, falling.
So anyway Google comes along with its magic control stick and GETS THE POWA. Google buys Youtube and suddenly the internet begins to change.
Suddenly 'Google Videos' Remember them? They no longer exist... suddenly they get deleted, they wipe into nothingness.
Replaced with youtube, the king of all things. Google, Youtube...the controllers of the world...... So who are the biggest peeps on the internet? Google and Facebook?
Twitter comes along, actually giving quite a fresh view of a 'lots of people' website 'with lots of people saying stuff'. It's short, its sweet and you are limited to saying a short sentance so you don't embaress yourself in front of celebrities)
Accidently used one of Freud's jumpers to unclog the loo. And i think he already has a brown one

I gave Freud a day off today after a suspect shouted some offensive stuff at him. He did not see the suspect so i got away with it this time

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Google + is on the way, on it's horse to save the day.
I'd like to say it gives a fresh new look to Facebook... but theres something about it.... about Google.

I have 3 google email accounts, and because of the connected nature of ALL THINGS GOOGLE when ever i want to check these different emails, my Youtube channel logs out, then logs into another... (As my emails are connected to youtube)
So when i comment on your youtube video i could be ANYONE! Well out of three, my main channel (My preferred log in), my second channel and the Two Detectives channel. I never thought the internet could be wrapped up together, taming the internet.
So...Well something needs to be fixed there.
As if i decided to check one of my emails right now, this blogger would log out and I'd have to log back in to continue this.. ranty thing.

Anyway. That was the history of the internet from my perspective ............ well not really, but it was a blob of the social aspect (Any names used in this rant are completely fictional)

I like Google +, because its all white, like an ipod (I do not own any apple products, i have never owned any, maybe one day, when i see one in the market for 3 pounds... though i would like to get myself an MP3 player for ma moosic)

Facebook is big, like youtube, it is hard to imagine it exists, when it does. It is noisy and messy, it never started like that, but there ya go. I want to leave it, like many do, but with the connections there are on it, family and business, it would be silly to depart.

Twitter is good, also messy but more likable than Faceberk. And it is very easy to pretend you are a celebrity!

A song from Anna in the Aviary

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