Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cliff Update

Before i go into how my film is going, how awesome is this? I am very much looking forward to the new full 2d animated (Toonboom'd) feature length film

Don't look at Tigger's mouth.

My film, Cliff and the End of the Rainbow is now 2 minutes of full animation.
I've shortened down the animatic to 6 minutes 20 now. Rather than seven minutes, which is rather helpful. I was hoping i could get it down further, but unfortunately it may stop making any sense.

Heres is a screenshot from production.

Here is a picture of me Lana did!

And here is Howard Read/Chris Banks/Steven Plunkett's new viral animation of the UK ROYALE wedding.

-The Daily Crumb

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  1. Wow that pooh bear is in deep s**t this time xD

    Awesome screeny shot ;P And love Lana's pic of you :D No way you're that cute ;P She's definitely biased x]