Saturday, June 04, 2011

Cliff and the End of the Rainbow

It is finished!
Animator and Comedian Howard Read said it was, 'Lovely/Mental'. Web Animator 'Weebl' sort of said.. it scared his daughter, which is a bit unfortunate. But he liked it/apart from some sound issues. My tutor said he thought it was traditional to have the tutor mentioned in the credits, he stood confused as to why nobody actually did.
We did our final showings of our final major projects on Friday, (The day it was released onto Youtube.) Then released on Vimeo a day later (today)

I've had more than enough fantastic comments about the film to keep me going so thankyou to everyone!
More is good though :D
Still waiting on my friend, Matthew Menhenick's comments, (His internet has gone down). As it was very much inspired by his work.

You can view it on Youtube and Vimeo RIGHT HERE

Here is Vimeo's copy (May be a quicker load)


If you cannot see the videos pop over to

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  1. Your best work yet! Looks amazing, smooth animation. The designs are great. Story is entertaining and your most epic yet :D A Crumb Classic I think ;]